To surrender into slavery is not a choice. It is a release. If you choose to say yes, then you can choose to say no. Then you think carefully before every action. That is not slavery.

Slavery is responding as if the command and you are one. This is the patriarchal joviality and liberation of the protection, submission, safety, worship and love of your Master. There is absolutely nothing the slave would not do that her Master asks of her. And the remarkable, the most beautiful part is, the true slave is not aware of the extent of her surrender.

She has utterly released her will onto her Master, and she need not convince herself of a thing. She need not sit there pondering if she is a good slave or a bad one – she simply fulfills the desires of whom she has placed absolute dominion over her life. Irrevocable mastery over her love. And in every regard it will be the love that binds them as Master and slave.

You do not only hand across the submission of your body, but your mind and soul become willing participants – it is in every way a totality. It is in every way all-encompassing. You do not say, this I will give, and this I will keep. Your will no longer belongs to you. It will be so that in your total protection of your Master you have acknowledged with whole heart that your will and His are entwined within the Universal dance.


Everytime the slave meets her Master, she greets, she bows, she kneels, she stays knelt until Master asks of her to perform otherwise. This is the act of obedience and respect that is a gift from the Master onto His slave. To allow her to show such respect is the most valuable gift in such a partnership, and this must never be forgotten. To forgo this intricate and tangible privilege would quickly send the Master and slave divine link into disarray. This respect is the stepping stone to all the lessons that follow.

The collar is the symbol of submitting absolute control towards the Master. It is with the collar that the permanence of the relationship extends past all notions of time and space. Everything begins and ends with the collar. The slave who cares for her collar as if it is precious ambrosial nectar of the Gods, is the slave who earns the worth of having meaning to her existence.

The lesson of respect is without doubt the stream of wisdom satiating and underlying every act of the Universal law – in fact to the ordinary onlooker witnessing the exchange between Master and slave, the more they becomes aware of the emanating respect, the more they realize the significance, the virtuous nature of the exchange, that in itself reveals the depth in which Master and slave understand their responsibility. And respect is the cause for which the slave does not refer to their Master by name.

Some things are eternal signatures, signposts, of the cause for which the dance of domination and submission exists. To refer to the ruler of your soul as Master is to keep in the forefront of your every intent the fluid lucidity of your surrender. Respect is what makes mankind cherish their existence. Respect is what teaches you not only to have the cake, but enjoy it. It is that which garnishes with translucent affection the quality of love. Respect is the most necessary ingredient in life, and for most of us, that which is dreadfully missed. We cannot enjoy the quiet walks, we cannot enjoy the sunsets, the people around us, the good and bad alike, we cannot cherish the land on which we live, the resources we so languidly exhaust, the monuments that represent our identity. We are lost because we have forgotten the meaning of respect.

We do not respect the mother or father, we take what we have for granted, affording a single tear, at most two, for the tormented souls who have less than nothing, and we go on ravaging that which surrounds us – taking no pleasure in our actions, all a flailing notion of make-believe. Because we do not know respect. And the Master-Slave relationship is the Universe’s gift onto mankind so that we may remember. Simply by this submission the freedom that encompasses our being makes every breath taste as sweet as the freshly dipped honeydew of the early morn’. We will breathe in every moment with a gratitude that fills us to the brim with tranquility. Like pouring rain beckoning you to join the frolicking dance of life everything will be born anew. Why do you think the religions have brought so much peace to any man who has truly surrendered to it? Not because of any God. But because he actually surrendered – he learnt respect for himself by this act.

The Unimportance of Sex

So before we go onto anything else, let us right here, right now, dissuade you from the grave misconception of the submission/domination dance. And that is, everyone’s favourite topic – sex. A Master doesn’t fuck His slave. He is not supposed to abuse that power. It is the joining of two souls – a union that is used with glorious skillfulness to again teach respect – there is no giving and taking in the lovemaking of Master and slave – there is only release. Now how can this be shared, be taught, be lived, if the slave and Master mistake the union of lovemaking as the core principle of their relationship? Submission and domination has deteriorated into an object of lust. It has gone so far as to be regarded an avenue of sexual adventure. People come searching for slaves or Masters in order to be adored and used and abused, because they get a kick out of it. It has become a means to punish your tormented soul further in order to provide a short-lasting, constantly unquenched pleasure.

The unimportance of sex must be known if you truly wish to understand the purpose of all this. If you are seeking lust, you will never grasp what a Master/slave relationship is. You will of course understand more about what it is to create extra drama and power struggles in your life. You think it’s kinky to be handcuffed to the bed, to be completely ripped clean of all control and had every which way. Strangely enough, it is only your unconscious understanding of the liberation of surrender that, in a misunderstood stupidity translates it to be merely the giving up of your body. But we’re not going down that path. You’ve come to the wrong place.

The surrender is of body, mind, and soul. If it is the body alone you are willing to give, you have come to the wrong place. There are enough assholes out there ready to torment and abuse you. Enjoy. But here – here wisdom is all that is shared. Love is the leash. Thus, it naturally translates into the unimportance of sex in the divine act of surrender. It can be well explained by the situations where you yearn for your Master’s affection – by the nature of punishment. There is perhaps no greater punishment for a slave than to be ignored by her Master. In every drop of – every tick of the clock, as your Master completely forgets your existence, the feeling of worthlessness floods reservoirs and lakes within the soul. Yet the true Master himself feels not only His own pain, but even that of His slave. He ignores His slave until the slave holds no expectation of being noticed.

As long as the slave is expectant of affection she has not understood surrender at all. And when she has surrendered, she will wait patiently at her Master’s feet. She will not abhor being ignored. She will not feel special or prideful at being awarded attention. Her Master’s every glance at her direction will bloom in abundant vicissitudes of joy. Yet she will not crave the joy. It is this acceptance that is the signpost of surrender. All the protection and loyalty that defines the quality and virtue of a slave stem from this acceptance. These concepts are the basis of the teachings of the Buddha. Enlightenment comes from the transcendence of self.

Loyalty and Protection

Perhaps it is the feeling of worthlessness that prompts a slave to betray their Master – when they do not transcend their own self-pity. As long as they are seeking affection, their loyalty is compromising, fleeting – here one moment, gone the next. What is worse, it becomes a menial immature game. They are spoilt and pampered and they never dropped their attachment to begin, even then they betray. The moment they do not have their wish fulfilled, they remove their collar and leave. If these are your notions, if you are coming to have your wishes brought to life, forget slavery and leave now. Stop reading now and be on your way.

A Master may grant you a request, or He may not. If you respond to both as equal acts of kindness, then you have fulfilled your responsibility as a slave. A Master knows that once the slave no longer holds expectations of him, He now has a slave with uncompromising loyalty. Diamond-studded unwavering loyalty. Then, and only then, the dance begins. There is a period of testing that takes place – a period where the Master with gregarious kindness masked carefully behind the face of stern discipline tests how the slave responds to denial. This is a fascinating process in itself.

Many slaves respond with an act. They behave with acceptance – and in this act they can go two ways. One, they could suppress their frustration until they break and cannot act any longer, or two, their act becomes their reality. It is both amusing and heartbreaking to see how many slaves go astray at hearing the terrorising words: no. Once the slave transcends this terror, she is then the epitome of loyalty.

Remember time and time again, you are a slave. This is about surrender. This isn’t about, “Oh, I just met the person of my dreams, my life has taken a huge turn, and now I must ask my Master for this and this and this.” He may say no. Know this now. A true Master will not pamper you and allow you to live in illusion. And it is for all these reasons that protecting your Master with your life is equal to protecting everything that is precious about existence. Fail in this, and you lose all meaning – fail, and you will truly be worthless.

There are those who say, “my will is too free, and my spirit is too strong to break.” They are full of shit, and treated as such until they see – nothing was meant to be broken and nothing ever is. Those whose wills are truly free are only free because of their deep understanding of respect. Those who cannot respect a Master are not capable of respecting themselves. Of all things, if you understand this, then you may be ready to begin.


There is a difference between submission and surrender. When you submit to your Master, and He tells you to walk through fire, you walk through even if you don’t want to. When you surrender, and are told to walk through fire, you walk through without thinking, because you know you are safe. Submission is valuable, but surrender is a thousand notches up the scale. The safety of a Master is the incredible knowing that nothing can hurt you because you are following the path of righteousness. Of course, you may still be burnt by the fire – yet nothing can hurt you. It is in every way the phenomenal understanding – trust – in a pervading goodness. There are a few criteria that must be met to earn this trust.

How many of us believe that the Universe is truly out to fuck us over? Those of us who have been betrayed time and time again, so often in fact, that all of a sudden that seems to be the underlying rule of social exchange. Miracles are hilarious bouts of sarcastic comedy to those who find it difficult to trust. And to those of us who see life in this way, why would you with any common sense put your life in the hands of another human? There is no sense to it whatsoever. The criteria is to transcend this vain notion of life. When you do that, all of this will make sense. Until then, domination and submission would remain a fun sexual game to play when you are bored. You wouldn’t have even scratched the surface.

It is also true that a genuine slave of integrity to her actions can even transform the heart of a diminished and uneventful Master. This is a rarity, but it is possible, and to know this is vital in understanding safety and trust. There are those who understand the heart of their Master, and trust him because they know His intent – and there are those who have no knowledge of the intent of their Master, but trust anyway because trust in itself is valuable. The lesson is here. Right here. Do not mistake safety to mean safety-net, something to fall back upon, because some Masters will not give you even that.

There are some Masters who throw you into hell to strengthen you, and there are others who are very content to leave you in your comfort zone – there is no difference between them. So, who would you choose?


Pain is never used for punishment, but only for pleasure. Pleasure and Pain are two sides of the same coin, but more than that, they curl into each other, whirlpool out, mix and mingle until you see they are one and the same. Within intense pain lies intense pleasure, and this is no sadistic or narcissistic notion. As much as sitting in traditional tower position for hours on end, at the feet of your Master, your muscles and bones aching – agonising pain running through your veins screaming for you to move, which, with gentle and ruthless adamancy you ignore, the reckless numbness eventually surmounts to a release of bountiful bliss – and then you see that pleasure and pain indeed are one. No, pain is not used for punishment.

Punishment is being ignored. It is not being given anything at all. One can perhaps handle being verbally assaulted by their Master, one can perhaps handle even being humiliated by their Master, but to be ignored is the absolute worst. And in what manner is it a punishment? What is punishment in the Master/slave reality? Only ever to instill obedience. There is so much more to this divine relationship than how much attention is given to you… so very much more. Your actions upon being ignored is what builds your character. Punishment is never to curse you for a mistake and lock you away even if you have learnt your lesson. Even the punishment is one form of testing. Tests are the best of ways to chisel the dark ore to unravel the diamond within.

Think of the way one feels when they are ignored by a loved one, and this will answer all. Your sobriety, your maturity, is never quite fully tested until you are ignored. Do you sulk in those times? Do you get clingy, or do you turn possessive? Do you ignore them in return out of vile distaste? Do you feel insulted? Or most of all, do you feel excruciatingly lonely and run off in search of attention elsewhere? Imagine transcending all these reactions – which may lead you to ask the pertinent question, why would you do in a Master/slave relationship the honourable actions that you didn’t do with anyone else before? Because never before had surrender been so important, so much at the forefront of your mind – and this is why the Master constantly reminds you of your surrender. So you surrender it all, even your loneliness. And maturity is born.