With my business background, I firmly believe in “action-evaluation feedback loops.” In the same way that I used to have performance reviews of employees, I have performance reviews of my slave. I don’t want any Protocol included in our lives that my slave cannot follow.

Protocol Review

These policies and procedures will be reviewed and revised periodically, as Master directs. Master will consider a request for protocol review initiated by the slave.

While the slave may suggest additions, deletions or modification to any part of this document, such suggestions should be presented for Master’s consideration in written form.

I feel strongly that every word in the Manual of Protocol (this book) is to be followed as it’s listed. If we’re not going to follow it, I want it removed from the Manual. If the slave would prefer to enact some protocol differently than I’ve described it, then I want to discuss this difference with the slave and decide whether I care enough about the difference to enforce my way of doing it or will change the listed protocol to conform to the slave’s preference. On a few occasions my slave has made recommendations that improved the efficiency of a Protocol.

In the same way that I decline to practice a dance step or a martial arts sequence unless I know exactly how it should be performed, I don’t want some sloppy imitation of a protocol to be undertaken by the slave.

Slave Review

Occasionally, Master will ask the slave how she is adapting to her slavery. She is encouraged to use these opportunities to express concerns, fears or anxieties. If issues arise that could affect the slave’s ability to serve, she will ask Master to schedule private time to discuss and resolve these concerns.