Ideology & Background

Introduction, Definitions: Etiquette, Protocol and Ritual, Why Use Protocols?, Protocols, Classical Training, Power Exchange, SSC vs. RACK, Slave vs. Sub, Scale of Surrender, Involving Others In Scenes, At Will Submission, Force vs. Synergy, Do The Work, The Submissive Bill Of Rights

Core Concepts

Core Concepts of M/s Relations, The Nature of Our Relationship, Overriding Requirements, Honesty, Dedication, Punctuality and Sprezzatura, Four Concepts: Identity, Obedience, Transparency, Humility, Four Character Requirements, Distinction Between D/s and M/s, The Nature of a slave, Distinction Between “Power Exchange” and “Authority Exchange”, Who is this slave?, Loving a slave, How is this slave to think of herself?, Master’s Responsibilities, Grace, Elegance, and Lucidity, Service

Master’s Expectations

Correctness in Public and Private, Reliability Builds Trust, Continuing Education, Openness, Availability – Cell Phone Contact, Safewords, Requests, Orders and Instructions, Required to Comply, Willful or Negligent Failure to Comply

Reality Checks

Protocol Review, Slave Review

Being A Slave

Surrender, Respect, The Unimportance of Sex, Loyalty and Protection, Safety

Things Worth Knowing

Leather Community, Gor, Not Using “May” or Asking Permission

Terminology & Concepts

Requests, Orders, Standing Orders, Safewords, Bratting with Safewords, Failing to Safeword, Correction v. Punishment, In Scene, Asking for Discipline

The Collar

Types of Collars, Collar Protocol, Treatment of the Collar, Self Collaring, Removing the Collar When Necessary, Removing the Collar at the End of a Session


Fluid Protocols, Rigid Protocols, Women, Self-Preservation, Acting Physically or Verbally on the Master, Disruption in Orders/Communications , Waiting Places, Leaving, Outside Authority, Standing Orders for Behavior Towards Others, Permissions, Touching BDSM Equipment, Topics of Conversation, Orgasm Control, Eye Contact

Furniture & Sitting



Hand Signals

Movement & Transitions





Public Behavior

Relations with Other Submissives



Challenges & Complexities