Libertinism – lib·er·tin·ism, noun. A lifestyle or pattern of behavior characterized by self-indulgence and lack of restraint, especially one involving sexual promiscuity and rejection of religious or other moral authority.


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“Embrace your shadows. Then pick up the thread of your life and I will lead you from the labyrinth into the light of self-knowledge, the supreme spiritual goal.”

Mr. Libertine


This site is not intended to be an introduction to BDSM, D/s or TPE. I am not qualified to offer you medical advice, assistance with serious mental health issues or cover any legal issues. Sites containing this kind of information are abundant on the web. If you have any doubts or questions, you should find a good one for reference. Your best source for reference is your personal physician or your attorney. If you feel you cannot talk to your physician or your attorney about confidential matters, you have hired the wrong professionals or you may be pursuing a lifestyle for which you are not yet ready.

If you are new to BDSM, it is up to you to use the good judgment and common sense you would use in any new endeavor. If this site holds something of value for you, it should only be one of your many research tools, but there are a wide range of beginner sites that would be more suited to your needs. Buying whips and chains doesn’t make you a Master; taking a beating doesn’t make you a slave.

A Master/slave relationship differs in philosophy from kink and casual play (both of which should be researched just as thoroughly.) This is not a non-consensual relationship, and if you think of it as such, your perspective on BDSM is suspect. I do not encourage you to embark upon this kind of relationship impulsively.

If you are reading this, be over eighteen. If you are not, you are advised to leave this site now. None of this information is intended for minors, and we are not interested in having you here.