The official Mr. Libertine Total Power Exchange Training Program. BDSM Protocol & Ritual for the Mind, Body & Soul. This program consists of full immersion training as a devotee seeking enlightenment through release.


Six months of rigorous protocol and ritual controlling every detail of daily life. Diet and meals are regulated. Adherence to a daily routine of yoga, meditation, reading, and journaling is required. Power exchange and sexual dominance/submission concepts and interactions progressively become more intense.

The program is comprised of 6 levels, each with elements from the 4 domains: Mind, Body, Soul, Power. There are 4 books with accompanying workbooks and online courses.

Below are some of the topics addressed:

  • Mind: Self Awareness, Self Knowledge, Self Forgiveness, Self Mastery
  • Body: Diet, Keto, Fasting, Yoga, and more
  • Soul: Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Buddhism, Meditation, Hedonism, Thelema, Simulation, and more
  • Power: Concepts, Expectations, The Collar, Protocols, Positions, Presenting, Signals, Movement, Subspace, and more

In addition to the above topics addressed throughout the training program, you will be expected to complete courses that include lessons in:

  • languages such as German, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • religious iconography, Renaissance art, architecture
  • culinary skills from CIA, Williams-Sonoma, and Sur la Table


This training program is not for the faint of heart. It is an incredible undertaking. It will take a massive commitment to yourself and Master. You will be required to complete a number of daily tasks, including, but not limited to: meditation, yoga, adhering to a strict diet, reading (a lot), journaling (a lot), and participating in rituals. This program is built to so that it will not interfere with your daily occupation. These activities are meant to broaden your horizons and allow you to evolve into your best self. Some days you may only commit an hour to these activities, other activities may take you an entire day to complete. There will be routine and ritual, but the content will evolve with your understanding and ability. Some activities will be fun, others may feel like a laborious graduate school final. The only guarantee is that you will grow immensely. When you are finished, you will not be the same person as when you started.


You will be provided with everything necessary to complete all tasks. You will not bear any financial cost for anything required of you. All clothing, reading, journaling, ritual, and even bathing materials will be provided. All travel costs outside of the local area will be covered, including any hotels, airfare, and food.

Are you ready to become a Postulant in the Libertine Tradition of Total Power Exchange?